Required Documents Checklist & Important Information 

Required Documents

*Personal Identification - Driver's License or other Photo ID

*Proof of Ownership - Copy of Title and/or Registration

* Emergency Contact Information - Phone Number & Address

*Proof of Insurance

Limitation of Liability and Insurance.

The Owner/Manager does provide 24 hr video surveillance, but not   responsible for any loss, damages incurred by the Tenant during the use of Space. Tenant acknowledges that he/she assumes all responsibility for the property stored in the Space, and their person while utilizing the Space. Tenant further acknowledges that Owner/Agent does not maintain insurance and that it is the sole responsibility of the Tenant to maintain insurance to cover any loss of business, property, loss, death, or injury regardless of the cause of the loss or event at the time of the occurrence. The Tenant further agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the Owner/Agent against all claims, losses, damages, cost or liabilities that may arise from the use of the Space.

Inspections and Compliance.

The Owner/Agent may enter Space to perform and ensure compliance as provided under the law. Upon Indoor Vehicle Storage all vehicles will be inspected and pictures will be taken of condition and will be signed off by tenant.

-All stored vehicles with wheels must be in operating order, free from of any leakage.

-Vehicles must be driven into storage space, not towed or stored on blocks. No maintenance or Repairs done on premises. Turn of or otherwise disconnect aftermarket auto alarms or anti-theft devices. 

-Complete set of Keys need to be Provided

Before storing of your auto.